Sticky Wicky Keeper


Transform your backyard cricket game! The STICKY WICKY KEEPER is a pop-up backstop with sticky stumps and a sticky ball. The pop-up design allows play on all types of surfaces.

Rainy day?  Hall cricket is one!  Tried and tested.

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Patented design promotes lots of cricket – gathers balls and no stumps to reset.

  • Creates focus and encourages accuracy – engaging and fun!
  • Bowling practice is easy with this portable wicket keeper.
  • Replaces the need for a keeper so now two people can play backyard cricket.
  • Sticky hook material on the stumps end all arguments –’If it sticks, you’re out!’
  • Our games are easily portable – set up in minutes and pack up in seconds.
  • In the backyard, at the club or at school, it promotes good fun & good practice.


  • 860mm x 1220mm pop up backstop with a hook patch
  • fibreglass rods x 2
  • u-pegs x 3
  • STICKY WICKY ball x 1
  • carry bag x 1
  • weight – 1.3 kg
  • dimensions – 45 x 45 x 3.5 cm

Set up is easy. Pack down is easy too.


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