Crazy Catch Wildchild 2.0


This is our medium size freestanding net for added rebound space while maintaining easy portability.

The portable indoor/outdoor option for the developing and serious sportsperson with 30% more rebound area than the upstart.

Has both a Sane and Insane side!

Insane rebound net sends ball back in unpredictable directions

Sane rebound net sends ball back in a predictable direction

Ideal size for indoor or outdoor use and convenient to take to the beach or park.

Features the same heavy-duty steel built frame and tough nylon nets as the Professional.

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930mm(w) x 930mm(h)


  • SANE (predictable rebound) one side
  • INSANE (unpredictable rebound) on the other.
  • New Freestyle features
  • Crazy Catch level 2 vision ball
  • Carry bag


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