Crazy Catch Upstart 2.0


The Crazy Catch Upstart 2.0 is our smallest and most portable freestanding sport rebound net.

This tough little nylon net comes with two sides, one for SANE (predictable) rebounds to sharpen hand-eye coordination and the other for INSANE (unpredictability) rebounds to improve reaction time.

The tough steel build and rugged nylon nets are built for years of hard training.

Step your game up by increasing your reaction, control and focus with this portable sports rebound net.

Perfect for individual training or with teammates.

Convenient smaller size for indoor or outdoor use – take it to the beach or park for lots of fun.

Perfect model to get the little kids started towards a lifetime of healthy active fun.

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740mm(w) x 740mm(h)


  • SANE (predictable rebound) one side
  • INSANE (unpredictable rebound) on the other.
  • New Freestyle features
  • Crazycatch level 2 vision ball
  • Carry bag


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