What’s Cricket and Why Care

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What’s Cricket and Why Care

Why should you care about cricket

I actually googled this. To be honest I didn’t want to write about why you should care about cricket if someone else had already done so. The truth is though that everyone has their own story of how cricket became a part of them. Each piece is personal history. Each favorite player, match, series is woven into your fiber. Ask ten people why you should care and you’ll get ten different answers.

I fell in love with cricket by watching my kids play. I felt their passion each time they batted, bowled, and pulled balls out of the sky. I was in awe of the power of the batsman, the finesse of the bowler and the agility of the fielder.

We met people from all over the world playing cricket in that community: India, Pakistan, West Indies, Jamaica, South Africa, Australia, and England. It made me realize that cricket isn’t so different from America. They are both cultural melting pots.

Yet the States hasn’t fully embraced cricket. It boggles my mind that many spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attending university to learn international relations, when we have elementary school kids studying that now, out on a field, with their friends who also stem all over the world. Talk about a practical education.

Perhaps if more of us take the time to understand this game, we would also understand the world a bit better, be a little more tolerant of differences, and see how beautiful diversity can be.

Ultimately I cannot tell you what cricket is or why you should care. What cricket means to me will most likely be different than what it means to you. Once you feel it though, you will know.

You will know.

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